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Communication Chair     To be filled
     Comm Cmte Website     Laura Walsten
     Comm Cmte Calendar/Photos     To be filled
     Comm Cmte PR     To be filled

Membership Committee Chair     To be filled

Scholarship Committee Chair     Kelly Holliday
Scholarship Committee Asst Chair     Chris West

Student Committee     To be filled

Fundraising Chair     To be filled

     Letter Writing Campaign Coord     To be filled

     Barnes & Noble Coordinator     Chris West

     Fall Show Choir Showcase     Brad & Liz Roberts

     Girls Basketball Concessions Inventory     TBF
     Girls BB Concessions Volunteer Coord     TBF
     All Out A Cappella     Bonnie & Cary Woolard
     Fine Arts Festival Food Coord     TBF
     Restaurant Event Coord     Mike Roy
     Monical's Directors Night Coordinator     TBF
     Jazz 'n' Java Coordinator     TBF

2015-16 Chairs & Coordinators

Diane Anderson, President
Maggie Grimm, Vice President
Charissa Wood, Secretary
Kevin Polonos, Treasurer
Teresa Spence, President-Elect

2016 - 17 Officers


PO Box 1063 Tolono IL 61880 US

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