Our Goals


• Raise $5,500 for Band and Chorus Summer Camp Scholarships.
• Sponsor a trip for high school students to a professional music performance. (every other year)
• Work with music teachers and directors to develop a "wish list" for their areas.

Student / Parent Involvement

• Significantly increase active, participating membership in Music Boosters throughout the Unit 7 area
• Build member database with addresses, phone numbers, and email information.
• Promote music district-wide, in all grades, including new programs.
• Assist in recruiting and retaining music students.

Community/Increase Community Involvement and Interaction

• Develop the Community Band into a year-round, performing Municipal • Band
• Promote Christmas Caroling event in December
• Continue Spring Benefit Concert
• Sponsor a concert performance by an outside instrumental group (i.e. military or university)

To promote interest in the music organizations of all schools in Unit 7.
To further the music interests of all music students.
To aid in providing budgeted funds for equipment and expenses not usually met by the Unit 7 School Board.
To provide assistance to the music teachers in the activities and advancement of the Music Department.
To work in cooperation with the Principals of Unit 7 schools in coordinating activities to assist the Music Department.

Our Mission