Volunteers Needed for 2018 - 2019 Music Activities

We are continuing to use an automated online volunteer sign-up service.  Each link takes you to a different event volunteer page.  You will see an explanation of the event and/or specific tasks where we need additional volunteer assistance.  

Open slots will have a link called “Sign up”.  You will be prompted to provide some contact information for the event organizer.  Your information will not be provided to others.  Please send an email to our webmaster if you have questions or if you have any feedback on this volunteer sign-up system.

When available, the explanations of what each volunteer job entails will be below each volunteer opportunity link.

Volunteer Positions to Coordinate Events or Fundraisers - please consider being a coordinator or co-coordinator for one of our fundraiser events.  Contact Teresa Spence at info@unitymusicboosters.org if you have questions about these events.​

Volunteer sign-up sheets

     2/16 All Out A Cappella Fundraiser Concert - click HERE

Archive Information about Volunteer Job Descriptions

     Link to Concessions Instructions - click HERE
     (these are the 2014 - 15 instructions)

     Link to volunteer job descriptions for All Out A Cappella Concert (same for 2014 & 2015) - click HERE